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Project Description

This is another site I helped a friend with—in this case, my good friend and reporter Phil Prazan. As an onscreen personality, Phil needed a simple portfolio site with video functionality built-in so that he could easily update his resume reel. He also wanted a dedicated blog, where he could write about his adventures traveling the world and reporting what he discovered.

Project Details

Project: Portfolio Website | Web Design
Publication: Phil Prazan
Date: Spring 2013

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Phil wanted to be front-and-center on his site. So, we went with rotating backgrounds of some of his head shots and stills. Look at that handsome mug!

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Personality to spare.

Phil’s a guy that is successful onscreen because of his personality, as well as for his skills as a journalist. He wanted a place on the site where he could write and tell even more stories, so we made sure to include several pages where he could express himself—whether in a blog post or on an About page.

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Above all else, Phil needed that built-in video functionality in order to showcase his clips to potential employers. Instead of simply embedding videos into a post or a page, we went with a scroll-effect to tell more of a video story of his burgeoning career.

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